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On 2013 to promote the Shanghai tax deferred pensi
Date:2013.02.22 Click: 232

Hai Pu District CIRC website published the full text of the Shanghai CIRC eighteen spirit party secretary, chairman Xiang Junbo will study and implement the party in the party by learning class speech。 About the data analysis development this year to see the insurance industry, the insurance regulatory work has made significant progress。 In 2013, Shanghai will continue to focus on early layout, including continued to promote the Shanghai tax extension of pilot work of endowment insurance, urban and rural residents a serious illness insurance Shanghai spread。

Since this year, the development situation of insurance industry is very complicated and grim -- business growth, solvency decline, investment income, profits fell down, a lot of pressure homogeneous resistance industry development. In view of this situation, China Insurance Regulatory Commission identified Wenzhongqiujin, seek a good job in tone, around the " service, strict supervision, risk, and promote development", do solid work, forge ahead.

Under this background, the insurance market remained stable operation, good and stable. The data shows, 2012 9 to October, Shanghai premium income of 1000000 yuan, an increase of 4.3%. As of the end of 10, the total assets of the insurance company 6.8 yuan, grow 14.2% compared to the beginning of the year.

At the same time, government insurance and life insurance of misleading sales achieved initial results, the social from all walks of life to the insurance industry recognition rising. More it is worth mentioning that, agricultural insurance, endowment insurance and health insurance and other three " big" problem, also made important progress in this year. Among them, " agricultural insurance regulations " was in October by the State Council executive meeting examined and adopted, a serious illness insurance of urban and rural residents are Shanghai spread.


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