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Notice: Welcome to Hao Rui Electronic Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City! Is a professional manufacturer of remote control, set design, development, production…
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Shenzhen Hao Rui Electronics Co., Ltd.

Address:Dongguan city Fenggang town linen Ao Industrial Zone, Hao Rui Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tel:0769-82629585 0769-82629586 0769-82629596



Contact: Mr.Wu 18924378899 QQ:947661771

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Copyright @ Dongguan Hao Rui electronlcs CO.,LTD Address:Dongguan city Fenggang town of bamboo tail Tamura Ma Ao industrial area Tel:0769-82629585 0769-82629586 0769-82629596 fax:0769-82629595

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